A Customer Journey With Automated SMS Communication

kundereise med sms kommunikasjon

Written by Rune Hansen

Sales and Marketing Director

April 20, 2021

You are on holiday and have finally arrived at the hotel after a long journey. You will be greeted by a long queue at the reception before you can finally start your holiday. It takes a lot to change a first impression.

Flowize has an effective digital solution to this annoyance.
A follow-up program that communicates with your guests from the first week before arrival until the guest has left the hotel.
The solution will give the hotel guest a distinctive experience they will experience as the highest profosejonell, as well as it will minimize queues at the reception which is the customer experience's worst enemy on arrival.

Picture 1: A typical annoyance in the customer experience as a hotel guest (mobile photo taken by the signatories)

Prior to arrival

For example, we can start communication with the guest immediately after booking.

  • 7 days prior to arrival we can inform about the hotel and what it can offer.
  • 3-4 days prior to arrival we can make automatic check-up of the weather forecast and then promote activities that the hotel can offer (yourself or via partners), outside or inside depending on the weather forecast.
  • 24 hours prior to arrival, the guest is offered to check-in via their mobile so that they only pick up the key at the reception, or go straight to the room if the door lock can read a signal from the mobile.

Figure 2: Customer journey before arrival

During your stay and after departure

For example, once they have arrived at the hotel, dinner in the restaurant or other activities the hotel wishes to promote can be sent to the guest's mobile.

As it approaches departure, the guest can check out using their mobile phone, or also promote transfers to the airport etc.

After the guest has left, further activities can be triggered, such as a survey of satisfaction, evaluation in Tripadvisor or other activities that may be of interest.

Figure 3: The customer journey during and after your stay.

Solution for a better customer experience

Flowize solution consists of 3 elements:

  1. Integration with the hotel's own and external systems (e.g. Yr for weather forecast)

  2. Workflow to control the event sequence for the guest

  3. Design of content (mobile, email, web landing pages, pdf, Facebook Messenger etc.) associated with the service

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