Workflow- and customer communication automation

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The platform enables automation of digital processes with extreme usability.

Save costs by optimizing digital workflow automation and communication, both internally and externally.

Streamlining workflow and customer communication

With Flowize, you can easily set up new automated processes and workflows within a few hours. It’s as simple as “dragging and dropping” components into your flowchart through the platform. You’re a designer, and it’s very simple!

Save time, increase productivity and increase profitability with workflow automation

Manual processes are costly and can lead to high risk. Automation of workflow and customer communication can reduce this risk.

Simplify your cumbersome and time-consuming work processes with automation. It briefly provides “time to market” and productivity and profitability will increase.

Real-time processing of

  • Webhook listeners

  • Scheduled processing (Scheduling)

  • Action-based events

  • Facilitate manual processing, if necessary

A flexible and versatile IT platform

Flowize allows you to easily integrate all your internal systems and databases with external solutions and data sources. Cumbersome and time-consuming operations can be automated, thus saving time and improving productivity. Flowize is an independent tool that allows you to manage your data according to given preferences and under full control.

No coding or special competency requirements

The low coding approach in Flowize enables your business to test new processes, check the result, thereby significantly reducing time to market. It enables the company to optimize the design, management and delivery of physical, digital and online communications, such as invoices, letters, web forms and advertisements, across all modern channels.

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