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“New IT solutions can be complicated to implement. We’re working to fight that.”
– Kjell Beisland, Flowize Nordic

What does Eurosko do?

Euro Sko Norway AS is Scandinavia's largest shoe chain with stores in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The organization consists of approx. 450 stores with several different store concepts such as Eurosko, DNA, Shoe Gallery and Shoeday.

The chain was established in 1983 and is owned and operated by independent shoe-merchants. The overall goal of the formation of the chain was for stores to sell shoes to the whole family at better prices than any single store could manage by standing all alone.

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Customer case summarized


✔ Optimization of billing processes across the Group with internal and external invoicing

✔ Proof of Concept/Demo of Flowize solution which along the way revealed several needs for optimizing work processes

✔ How Flowize's solution super-easily can be used by internal resources without time-consuming education

Challenges before Flowize

Eurosko’s head office in Moss had a number of challenges related to the outgoing invoice to the chain members (the stores). The background was an outdated IT solution such as:

❌ was difficult to maintain
❌ was no longer supported by the vendor
❌ was unstable
❌ performed poorly
❌resulted in frequent detours
The solution was difficult to make changes to, as the IT expertise that mastered the solution was significantly in short supply.

As a result, Eurosko was afraid to make the necessary changes to its process.

Identified needs

Eurosko realized that they needed to improve their processes and modernize their invoice flow to get away from instability and poor performance, as well as reduce risk by getting away from software that was no longer supported in the market.

Eurosko sought the market to improve the invoice process and came into contact with Flowize.
The requirement for a new solution was that it had to be able to produce documents for the chain members. Starting point for the production of the documents, invoices are Eurosko's head office receives from the individual supplier. These shall be divided up and result in one document per chain member with their transactions from all the suppliers, as well as from Eurosko centrally.

The documents, which are produced periodically for 3 different countries (Norway, Sweden and Denmark), are:

  • Statements
  • Period invoice
  • Valutering list

The produced documents will be placed in a Sharepoint archive, so that the chain members and Eurosko can centrally retrieve them for further proces
sing. In addition, Statements must be produced back to the vendors. These must be distributed to the supplier by email. T
hey therefore chose to look for a software solution that could simplify the process.

Proof of Concept / Demo of Flowize's solution

Flowize Nordic presented Eurosko with a cloud-based solution that includes both integration and workflow. Flowize Nordic implemented Proof of Concept / Demo of the solution based on the production of statements, period invoice and valuting list.

Eurosko described the requirements in August 2018, and Flowize Nordic AS delivered a Proof of Concept in October 2018. The parties agreed to begin contract negotiations in the first quarter of 2019. The contract was signed in early April 2019.

Identified additional opportunities to use Flowize for process optimization

The parties agreed to implement the solution and extend the delivery with vendor statements in a later phase. The delivery of Account Statements, Period Invoice and Valutering List to the chain members was delivered ready for testing in May 2019.

"The Proof of Concept period proved to us that the solution would work and that the economics of the solution were also acceptable to us."

Quote from Ivar Edvardsen, Konsern-CFO at Euro Sko Norway AS

Further implementation

The solution went live as of September 2019 related to the production of Account Statements, Period Invoice and Valutering List to the chain members. For vendor statements, the solution went live november 2019.

The implementation has been a joint effort between Eurosko, Flowize Nordic and Flowize B.V. The use of resources has been in accordance with the agreed cost.

"We are very pleased with the cooperation with Flowize Nordic and their response and support during the implementation period."

Ivar Edvardsen, Konsern-CFO at Euro Sko Norway AS

Super-easy to manage internally

During the test period, and now in production, Eurosko can even manage its runs. This is achieved with minimally time-consuming education of internal resources, and conducted in the form of easy-to-read user documentation and hands-on training.

"The solution makes it easy for us to start, follow up, correct any errors in our input and run again." Quot
e from Sissel Bringsjord Forsberg, Controller of Euro Sko Norway AS

Flowize solution for Eurosko

Eurosko chose Flowize to get a solution such as:

✔ Is modern, supported and easy to maintain
✔Is stable
✔ Has very good performance
✔ Removed the need for frequent detours
✔ Provides access to IT expertise that mastered the solution
✔ Provides faster pace of change

Flowize is a cloud service (SaaS), and consists of 3 main elements:

1. Integration
2. Workflow &rule engine
3. Creating content

To solve The Euroskos’ requirements, all these elements are used. Flowize has an intuitive and modern interface where you can improve Time-To-Market by using configuration (no coding), whether it’s building new solutions or extending the functionality of your existing solutions.

"Flowize Nordic has proven itself as a supplier you can trust and that delivers according to plan and at the right cost."

Ivar Edvardsen

Konsern-CFO, Euro Sko Norge AS

"The solution has addressed all our challenges and removed our concerns about our billing process. We are already in discussion about further improvements and optimizations."

Sissel Bringsjord Forsberg

Controller, Euro Sko Norge AS

Test The Solution For Free

We take in a limited number of demo customers to really be able to test and identify the value platforms have for both internal and external processes.

First, there will be an implementation meeting to identify opportunities. Subsequently, the platform will soon integrate with today’s external and internal data sources for the architecture of, among other things, process optimization and personalized customer communication.

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