Send sms´s and communicate with your customers, partners or employees in every process.
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What is Flowize?

Companies have a strong focus on digitalization and automation, and the need for integration between all their existing systems and databases, as well as new external systems.

In addition, they want the opportunity to automate the processes. In an automated process, there is sometimes a need for manual action by a stakeholder. For example, an employee’s approval may be required, or external input from a customer, partner, or vendor is required!

In short

A solution that makes computing easy


Flowize is a SaaS solution that facilitates easy management of data and actions across systems.

The solution can handle integrations with most systems available in today’s market, including using API.

What can be achieved with Flowize?

Great opportunities to optimize your process/workflow and improve your communication with customers.

The solution facilitates automation of cumbersome and time-consuming operations, which can save labor and increase productivity.

The platform is highly flexible and allows you to integrate all your current databases and systems, internal and external solutions and resources.


Who is Flowize suitable for? Flowize is suitable for any business that uses digital tools for internal work processes and customer communication.

Flowize must be tested!

Connect Your Systems

Within minutes, you have the opportunity to set up new integrations with the Flowize solution.

Using an open API solution, or using other techniques, we get your systems talking.

Automate workflows

Experience the flow by easily automating internal work processes and customer communications.

Done in hours, not weeks or months, with an easy-to-use design tool for process optimization.


Design communications that automatically communicate with your customers on the desired channel.

Providing you with more time for the direct customer contact that really counts in the customer journey.

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