Solution partners

Our solution partners sell the Flowize solution and help our customers build optimal solutions based on Flowize.


Omnitas is outgörs by one mycket tajt team who, in one creative, flexible, and collaborative sätt, bring out de bästa lösningarna ate våra customers.

We're going to have a lösningsoberoing digital management consulting agency. We hjälper företag in alla storlekar och branscher att kartlägga, digitalisera och optimera arbetsflöden och processer in syfte att efficiencyisera och stödja samtliga levels in the organization, från the individuala medarbetarens vardag till the wiring group's sufficiency. We have a holistic perspective on the arbetsflöden och processer förstå as far as the bigger context.

We'll see that alla organisations inte wild or bör arbeta on samma sätt. Därmed we always leave the hur nine wild arbeta and have joined one team with several olika back pits and competing sensations that alla samarbetar för att tolgodose all kinds of needs.


We are a stubborn digital hold, where solve complex udfodations and heels with that weaste – gennem conceptually starch, smart,
digital solutions.

We're shaking up more than better digital bruges.

We're here to bring your ideas to life.

We can help you with planlægge, design and perform your næste digital project. What have you been up to?

We are pleased that we have achieved a systematic procese – and have specialised in ineptitude and exploitation of technologies, where supports your business goals. Because better bruger compliance is more of a burden for everyone: For you, your business, your partners, your suppliers, your customers and their customers.

We always take a point in your needs and in your business – the idea that we are embarking on vore's unexplored design and development process.


Cloudify is Your Digital Architect.

Welcome to Cloudify! Your one-stop-shop for resources to run your business better.

We help businesses boost their revenue and help them operate in an optimized way.

We, at Cloudify, believe that the success of your business depends on how smartly you do whatever you do. Thus, we do not only help you create efficient workflows and business processes but smart workflows and processes.

We deliver intelligent business solutions in the form of SaaS implementations, SaaS integrations, end-to-end workflow automation and custom API development.