Real-Time Offers: Your Competitive Advantage to Enhance Customer Experience

Written by Rune Hansen

Sales and Marketing Director

May 4, 2021

Real-time data processing, together with excellent connectivity, makes it possible to provide highly personalized customer experiences.

Instead of bulk handling of email or printed correspondence at set intervals, communication flows can start anytime, triggered by predefined events.

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Personalized customer experiences

Whether it is 7 or 70.000, every customer is offered individually relevant information and services, tailored to their preferred system interactions.

It’s now easy to integrate CRM systems or other information sources and automate the management and delivery of content to the web, mobile devices, and other channels. And what’s more, you can proactively act on future circumstances. It all adds up to a remarkable experience that is sure to delight your customer.

Building blocks of a next-level experience

Personalized customer experience is based on four building blocks of new CCM solutions.


Great integration with existing information systems is what makes new CCM solutions successful. Whether it is legacy or homegrown, there’s no need to migrate or change anything in the technology stack.

Standardized APIs make it possible to unlock the data in the required systems.

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The way to interact accurately and at scale is to automate all necessary interventions by using automated workflows. The possibility to design and implement workflows is almost infinite.

This leaves the options up to the creativity and imagination of the teams that work with it.

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Relevant communication with individual customers the way they want creates experiences that exceed expectations.

Communication features include design, management, and delivery of physical and online content formats such as secure email, text messages, social media apps, web portals, automated phone calls (IVR), and standard mail.

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Real-time data processing extends customer communication from one-sided bulk to two-way individual communication that happens ‘in the moment”.

For instance, when checking a personalized landing page or clicking on options in a webshop.

Example: Airlines

Travelers want accurate and timely information, whether it is good or bad news.

Based on data in their systems, airlines know if the passenger’s luggage is on board or not. If this went wrong, it is now easy to send a message to each passenger where this went wrong when these systems are integrated.

For instance, the CCM system can inform the passenger that it’s no use to keep waiting at the luggage belt and immediately makes arrangements online to send the luggage to the correct destination. This is handled by offering a personal landing page that sends the required data straight into the systems.

women waiting on boarding airplane with luggage

More common notifications can also be sent, containing flight information, changes in gates, or arrival information that can complement other data such as the weather forecast.

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