Våre teknologipartnere leverer løsninger som adresserere ett eller flere av våre områder:

  • Integrasjon
  • Automatisering av prosesser
  • Kommunikasjon


Flowize allows you to harness the power of your data to communicate smarter and better with your customers.

This system effortlessly combines workflows with communication for more effective and efficient processes, with automation to save time and increase productivity.

This improved communication can increase profits and improve customer service leading to better customer retention.

OpenText Exstream overview:

Designed for omnichannel customer communication management (CCM), OpenText™ Exstream leverages the data and content that already exists within the organization to transform typical customer communications into highly-personalized, engaging customer experiences on the preferred digital and print channels, screen sizes and devices of the customer.

With on-premises and cloud deployment options, Exstream is scalable to fit the needs of any department or complex enterprise environment and its accelerator packages allow for easy integration with core systems to speed key business processes.

IBM Cloud Paks™:

IBM Cloud Paks™ are containerized, licensed IBM middleware and open source software components that you can use to modernize, move, and build cloud-native business applications in hybrid and multicloud deployments. By running exclusively on OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cloud Paks are built atop a secure stack and maintain consistency in deployment and behavior across cloud providers. You have greater flexibility to run and manage your workloads securely where you need them: on-premises, off-premises, in a backup provider, and in IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation helps achieve better business performance by applying intelligent automation to transform core operations. Built for any hybrid cloud, this modular set of integrated software quickly solves your toughest operational challenges. It includes the broadest set of AI-powered automation capabilities in the market – content, capture, decisions, workflows and RPA – with a flexible model that lets you start small and scale up as your needs evolve.